Look: This is how paranoid travelers have become when passing through NAIA

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“Look how paranoid travelers are in the world’s worst airport,” is the caption Wilfredo Garrido used when he uploaded the photo above on Facebook Friday afternoon, showing two passengers with backpacks secured in plastic wrap.

The service is available at the depature areas of Terminal 2 and 3, takes less than two minutes and costs PHP160 per bag (any size) by a company called ProtectaBag. According to one of its staff, there has been a slight increase in customers since the “laglag bala” scam started.

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But he pointed out that since the “laglag bala” incidents usually happen when bags are checked prior to entering the terminal, this means their clients have already cleared the X-ray checks and were not found to be carrying bullets.

While we’re no longer the world’s worst airport — we’re now only the 8th worst airport in the world — the “laglag bala” scam sure is making NAIA an even bigger embarrassment than being named the worst airport in the world again.

As we’re all made aware by now, bullets have been strangely and mysteriously been appearing inside bags and luggage of innocent travelers going through the Ninoy Aquino International Airport. It’s happened more than once for it to just be a coincidence.

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Victims of the scam have alleged that it’s the airport security who’ve been placing the bullets in exchange for some cashola. One of the earlier victims, Lane Michael White, has gone on record to say a security personnel offered to help him in exchange for PHP30,000. 

OFWs have taken the lead in calling on the help of politicians to end the scam. It’s become quite an issue that look: Even Time.com has run an article on it

The service of wrapping luggage in plastic has long been offered in airports around the world, but only recently in NAIA.

Look, how paranoid travellers are in the world’s worst airport.

Posted by Wilfredo Garrido on Thursday, 29 October 2015



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