Lawyer survives assassination attempt and kills one of his attackers

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It was a messy scene early this morning in Quezon City when three assassins shot at the SUV of lawyer Argel Joseph Cabatbat.

The incident happened around midnight on the corner of East Avenue and EDSA. Two of the attackers were riding one motorcycle and shot at him but only hit his car. Cabatbat was unscathed and was able to run over the motorcycle, killing one of them and injuring the other.

“They ambushed me, and they got unlucky,” Cabatbat told reporters who arrived on the scene shortly after the attack.

The other attacker, who was riding a different motorcycle, got away.

“Accordingly, he has been receiving death threats due to the cases he’s handling at work,” Quezon City Police Chief Guillermo Eleazar told reporters.

According to GMA News, Cabatbat retrieved an ID card from one of the attackers, which he said belonged to a police officer named Mark Ayeras.

“We’ll look if there’s a police with that name and if the ID belongs to him,” Eleazar told GMA.

Police are on the lookout for the third suspect and will take the other suspect who survived into custody after he recovers from his injuries.

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