Japanese YouTube star attacked by Chinese netizens after eating 137 ‘Philippine’ bananas

Here we were thinking that YouTube was banned in China — apparently not when you’re watching it under the guise of nationalism!

Japanese YouTube star Yuka Kinoshita posted an innocent video of herself enjoying 137 bananas and quickly earned the wrath of Chinese netizens who were under the impression that her post was politically inspired.

The video was posted shortly after the South China Sea ruling earlier this month.

“During this sensitive period, you eat 137 bananas from the Philippines to insult China – do you have brains? Do you think us Chinese people can be easily bullied?” one comment said.

Internet users also asked if the number of bananas “was an allusion to China’s 1.37-billion population,” according to Hong Kong newspaper Ming Pao as reported by HKFP website.



Still, a Chinese netizen pointed out that Kinoshita’s video is no big deal.

“So much second hand embarrassment from Chinese people’s behavior as of late that I wanna hide behind a rock reading some of the comments. Please get over yourselves, the world does not revolve around mainland China, or banana’s…of any kind,” she said in the comments section.

The bananas weighed 6kg. The origin of the fruit was not mentioned on the video. 

“I’m calling them ‘monkey bananas’ because they’re smaller than Cavendish bananas and they’re so cute,” Kinoshita said in the video.

She is a self-described “professional competitive eater”. On her YouTube channel she has posted videos of herself consuming large amounts of food in short amounts of time. She has eaten a 2kg gummybear, 6.3kg of paneer makhan, and 20 portions of doner kebab. She even has a video with Epic Mealtime guy Harley Morison

Our suggestion? For her next video, Kinoshita should try eating dried mangoes!


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