How Cruel: 16 delivery men receive fake food orders in Manila

The delivery men pranked by a fake customer. Photo: Rome Vladimir Cuevas/Facebook
The delivery men pranked by a fake customer. Photo: Rome Vladimir Cuevas/Facebook

This is happening far too often in the Philippines: a rider working for a delivery app receives a “booking,” then proceeds to a restaurant and pays for the order, in the hopes that he will get his money back when he delivers the food to the client. When he brings it to the customer’s address, however, he learns that the order was just a prank, and he has no choice but to either consume the food or sell it to other people.

The same scenario happened to 16 food delivery riders in Paco district in Manila on Tuesday. The group, who work for Grab Food and Food Panda, discovered that they were pranked by a non-existent fake customer named Keisha Bernabe.

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Businessman Vladimir Cuevas wrote about the hapless delivery guys on a Facebook post when they suddenly arrived in front of his home.

“Have some mercy on these Foodpanda and Grab Food riders. And you used our address. There were a lot of orders. Was this for a party?” Cuevas wrote in his post, which has been shared almost 700 times.

Cuevas told Coconuts Manila in an interview that the riders showed up in front of his home at about 3pm.

“They bought about PHP1,700 (US$35) to PHP1,900 (US$39) each in food orders. They bought them from different fast food chains,” the 25-year-old said.

“We were surprised when they arrived one after another. But they didn’t have our contact number. It was just our address that was used [by the prankster],” Cuevas said.

Cuevas felt sorry for the delivery men, so he paid off four of them and took the food they brought.

“My neighbors bought food from the other [riders]. Some of them left and sold the food somewhere else. They were all surprised [by what happened] because they all delivered to the same address,” Cuevas said.


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