He got PHP500 nose job from beautician who injected him with wax, petroleum jelly, and sealant

When we look at the big picture, we think this isn’t really such a big problem. Then again, we’re not Ellowe Alvizo — the young man who is seeking justice for a botched nose job. He recently told his story in a dzMM interview.

Alvizo claims that his looks had already landed him a number of modeling gigs in the past. But he still wanted to increase his chances of getting booked. He thought that getting a PHP500 (US$10.71) nose job from a beautician going by the alias “Kasheca Magallanes” would do the trick.

Magallanes is a transgender woman.

Alvizo said that the beautician then injected him with what was supposedly collagen.

ABS-CBN News revealed that the beautician also performed a cleft chin job on Alvizo. However, the report didn’t explain how that was done. We can only imagine what must have been a barbaric procedure.
The report noted: “After the nose and chin job, Alvizo said he got more modeling projects. Two years later, however, he noticed that his nose and chin got deformed. As a result, he lost all his modeling projects.”

When Alvizo finally went to the hospital to have his nose and chin checked by legit doctors, they found out that the solution injected into his face was a mix of wax, petroleum jelly, and sealant.

Naturally, Alvizo got mad at the beautician. He reportedly asked the latter to shoulder at least half of his hospital expenses. However, as the report indicated, “instead of being helpful, the beautician allegedly threatened to have Alvizo killed.”

“Minura ako, binantaan ang buhay ko, sinisiraan ko daw siya,” Alvizo said.

(“She cursed me and threatened my life. She accused me of tarnishing her reputation.”)

At around the same time, Alvizo said his aunt died. Then, his stepfather kicked him and his mother out of the house.

Since he was no longer able to work as a model, Alvizo reportedly turned to selling balut or boiled duck eggs with partially formed chicks. He also claims that he has dressed up as a Halloween character for hire in some events.

Alvizo has filed a case against the beautician. The report didn’t specify what charge has been slapped on the beautician, it only said that there is now a warrant for her arrest.

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