Have you heard about @Titas of Manila?

If you’ve been neglecting Twitter in favor of Tinder, well, here’s one good reason to swing by Twitter again: @Titas of Manila is a three-day old Twitter account that celebrates ka-titahan. Her tweets will remind you of your favorite tita, and/or all the things all your titas say and do. It’s not yet viral, but it has the makings of; in her three days of tweeting, @Titas of Manila already has over 3,000 followers.

And it’s not a surprise. @Titas of Manila is so entertaining! It’s like Sunday reunion again, minus all the nagging and the favors and the repetitive “where’s your boyfriend, hija” questions. It’s warm and endearing and charming—just like your favorite tita!

Below are some of our favorites:

*tastes mango brava cake* Ang tamis! *gets another spoonful after 5 mins*”

— Titas of Manila (@TitasofManila) September 24, 2014

*sits in silence in the garden, takes note to buy more orchids*

— Titas of Manila (@TitasofManila) September 24, 2014

Be careful when riding a cab ha? You know the friend of the daughter of your Tita Girlie almost got robbed!

— Titas of Manila (@TitasofManila) September 24, 2014

“Ano na nga ba yung sasabihin ko? *takes off glasses, covers eyes with the other hand*”

— Titas of Manila (@TitasofManila) September 24, 2014

*wraps around shawl while boarding airplane*

— Titas of Manila (@TitasofManila) September 24, 2014

*enters Mary Grace*

— Titas of Manila (@TitasofManila) September 24, 2014

(During lunch with kumares) “Let’s order something light lang! Busog pa ko eh!” *orders kare kare*

— Titas of Manila (@TitasofManila) September 24, 2014

Ineng, pabili ng Nestle cream (pronounced Nessul)

— Titas of Manila (@TitasofManila) September 23, 2014

Ah, enough of the lurking. You should all go and start following her.

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Have you heard about Titas of Manila


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