Guy killed after grabbing karaoke mic from singing woman 

Photo: Pixabay.
Photo: Pixabay.

In most parts of the world, karaoke is a fun and even silly activity but here in the Philippines, it can be deadly. In the latest case of a karaoke session gone wrong, a guy was killed in Negros Oriental province yesterday afternoon, all because he allegedly grabbed the mic from a singing woman.

Victim Jesus Gainsan, 37 years old, allegedly grabbed the mic from suspect Rosita Nemaria, 59, when she was singing at an unnamed karaoke bar in Siaton town. This sparked conflict between them and led to Rosita’s son Roger Nemaria, 32, to confront Gainsan outside the establishment near a public market.

The confrontation was caught on video and shared by the Facebook page Siatonism. In it, Gainsan and Roger can be seen engaged in a fist fight. After about 30 seconds, Rosita joined in with a knife she got from her bag and tried to stab Gainsan but failed. She continued to go after the victim but he would kick her and continued his fight with the woman’s son. Rosita was eventually able to hit Gainsan, which left him bloodied and weak. He dropped to the ground in mere seconds. Rosita was not satisfied and even went up to the defeated Gainsan to stab him with the knife again.

Police Mater Sargeant Ricky Kinkito of the Siaton Police Station told Coconuts Manila in a phone interview that the suspects did not know the victim before the incident. He said that Rosita was singing the song Bawal na Gamot (Illegal Drugs) and the Visayan tune Matud Mo that afternoon.

Rosita’s knife reportedly measured about 13 inches, including the handle.

The victim was brought to the Lamberto Macias Memorial Hospital in the same town but eventually died. The mother and son were immediately caught by authorities and are now in the police station. They are facing homicide charges.

Karaoke-related deaths are oddly common in the Philippines. In November 2017, a man in Navotas City stabbed his friend in the neck after fighting over a song. In March last year, a woman in Bulacan was shot and killed by her neighbor for singing late at night.

There have also been several recorded deaths linked to karaoke sessions involving the song My Way. Just in June last year, a man was killed during a karaoke session after fighting with a neighbor he prevented from singing the Franks Sinatra classic.

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