Feel Good: Graphic designer helps jumpstart cab driver’s peanut butter biz

This is what happens when you’re generous with your talent — you get the awesome chance to change the lives of people.

Graphic artist Troy Sitosta decided one day to help taxi driver Roderic Almeda, who has been selling homemade peanut butter to his passengers. After designing a label for his product, Sitosta also built him a Facebook page where interested costumers can place their orders. 

A group of Filipino-Canadian web developers also took interest in Almeda. They reached out to help create a simple website to increase his market. 

According to updates posted on Sitosta’s Facebook page, Almeda is now receiving an insane amount of orders via text. 

Sitosta, the owner and creative art director at Shao Long Bald, used the hashtag #designforgood in his post which has gone viral. 

He is encouraging other designers use their talents and “do something not for the money.” “This is to remind yourself that your work can actually make a real change,” he said. 

The labels look pretty awesome, and Kuya Roderic looks so happy. 

Good things indeed happen to good people. 


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