From Homeless to Hot: Angeles City man gets a makeover and Pinoys are swooning over him

Dennis Pascual before and after his makeover. Photo: Richard Strandz/FB
Dennis Pascual before and after his makeover. Photo: Richard Strandz/FB

Filipinos are now gushing over a homeless man from Angeles City after the dude got a makeover from a hairstylist.

Entrepreneur Richard Strandz said in his vlog last week that he’s known Dennis Pascual, who sells junk for a living, for quite a while.

“I always see him passing by my shop,” Strandz said in English and Filipino. “Even before, about eight years ago, I always see him pass by. I was just too shy to approach him because he might not talk to me or he might not be easy to speak with.”

After years of seeing Pascual in the area, Strandz decided to give the former a makeover and interview him for his vlog. Pascual said he had no family left. He doesn’t have any idea how he ended up living in the streets of Angeles City, where bullies often beat him up.

Watch Pascual’s transformation below.

Strandz told Coconuts Manila that he gave Pascual the makeover because he wanted to contribute to the community.

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“I’ve always liked giving free makeovers to people who cannot pay. The talent that was given to me by the Lord, I just borrowed this from him. I just really like to help people and change their lives,” he said.

“The beauty queens I’ve worked with, the models and artists, they started as simple people too. I’m just happy to help them start their careers,” Strandz added.

He added that he was really hesitant to speak with Pascual, but a short chat proved that the latter was easy to deal with.

“I gave him breakfast. I spoke with him and he was polite. It was easy to speak with him,” he said.

Pascual still sleeps on the streets, and while Strandz said he is keen to help the former, he doesn’t want to impose himself on the homeless man.

“We’re in the process [of helping him] but it can’t be too sudden. I noticed that he is really used to sleeping on the road. If he wants me to help him, his looks could be further improved,” Strandz said.


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