That flu medication poster that says ‘flu relief you can’t have sex with’ is fake 

Photo: Daniel Cabrera/FB
Photo: Daniel Cabrera/FB

Well, that’s a relief.

Sorry to break it to you, internet but that Bioflu poster that went viral for its inappropriate (read: awkwardly sexual) blunder is fake.

Unilab, Inc., the pharmaceutical company behind the flu medication Bioflu, denounced the viral photo on Friday and said that it was a hoax.

The photo shows a Bioflu ad with the tagline, “Flu relief na di nakakantot (Flu relief you can’t have sex with).”

This is a play on the ad’s original copy that says nakakaantok (makes you feel drowsy) instead of nakakantot (have sex with).

Funny how one letter can change everything.

“We would like to inform the public that the malicious image circulating in social media is a fake photo, which was not directly or indirectly, created and released by Bioflu Non-Drowsy or by Unilab, Inc.”

It added that the company doesn’t use vulgar language in any of its ad materials. The company also attached the legitimate photo of the actual poster displayed at the unnamed drugstore on its post.

Unilab said the photo has been circulating on social media since Feb. 6 at around.

A Facebook user by the name Daniel Cabrera posted the photo on his Facebook page and said in Filipino: “You have one job. Maybe [the one] who made the poster was sick?”

He added that he got the photo from his friend. He eventually added Unilab’s official statement on the post.

The post has garnered over 5,700 shares and 4,900 likes as of this article’s posting. While Unilab believes that the photo was maliciously edited, netizens thought it was hilarious.

Jatlyn Rose Roxas tagged a friend and said in Filipino: “Ok drink your medicine.”

Photo: Daniel Cabrera/FB
Photo: Daniel Cabrera/FB

Noimie Castro joked that the artist who worked on the poster was sleepy.

Photo: Daniel Cabrera/FB
Photo: Daniel Cabrera/FB

Kim Sanchez tagged Maria Gerina and said: “This should be your medicine.” 

Gerina responded that she LOL-ed at the post.

Photo: Daniel Cabrera/FB
Photo: Daniel Cabrera/FB

An Bugtai wondered what the artist was thinking when the poster was being made.

Photo: Daniel Cabrera/FB
Photo: Daniel Cabrera/FB

What was your reaction when you saw this viral post? Did you think it was real? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @CoconutsManila.

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