Expat who films Filipinas without consent and posts on YouTube earns internet’s anger

Screenshots: ExpatKings
Screenshots: ExpatKings

Another day, another creepy expat story. After vlogger and self-proclaimed “Mr. Pogi German” (Mr. Handsome German) Marcel Messall was arrested earlier this week by police for the alleged rape of a minor and violations of the Anti-Voyuerism Act, it seems that another foreign fellow in the Philippines is giving him a run for his money.

Redditors have called out an expat posting videos under the handle ExpatKings, who takes videos of Filipinas on the street without their consent — including some who appear to be underage school girls — and posts them online.

Redditor u/g6ated today posted a screen recording showing a quick scroll-through of his videos, many of which feature various women in Angeles City in Pampanga, describing them through their physical features such as “skinny” or “busty.”

Coconuts did a cursory look at ExpatKings’ YouTube page, which has some 11,600 subscribers, and many of the videos seem to be targeted towards other male foreigners planning to visit or live in the Philippines.

The ExpatKings Youtube page is associated with a sleazy travel website of the same name marketed towards men. “We show you ways to see the world for less and find love in the process,” its About description read, with Tarik Pierce identified as its founder and editor-in-chief.

The Expatskings Youtube account has a similar description on its about page: “Hello. Welcome to my channel. My name is Tarik (TJ) and I am an American living abroad as a digital nomad. Expatkings is a travel and lifestyle channel that will give you advice on international travel, living abroad as an expat, making money online and meeting beautiful women all over the world. My channel is all about giving you the truthful insights on what it’s like to travel the world as a black man.”

While some videos do tackle general travel topics such as “Can you live in the Philippines on US$1,200 a month” and “Is WiFi internet fast and stable in the Philippines,” the account’s content is overwhelming focused on Filipinas — one video titled “Angeles City Philippines College Girls” has 1,600 views.

“Okay, you’re going to see a lot of eye candy here heading to the college right there,” he says in the video as he describes the school’s exact location in detail. 

“So this is a nice little area for some of you guys looking for university or college girls, maybe you’re a little bit tired of some of the girls on Walking Street,” he says, referring to a popular red light district in the city.

Other disturbing and infuriating titles include “How to Girl-Proof Your Room (Avoid Getting Robbed)” and “How to Find a Virgin Girl in the Philippines,” cluing one in on how he views the women in the country he currently calls home.

“[He] just treats Southeast Asian countries like a pervert’s Disneyland,” one Redditor commented.

“As a woman, this is really scary,” another said.

“Sex tourist I’m guessing. Dude is nothing but a creep,” one proclaimed.

Several users encouraged reporting the account.


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