EEEP: Report on “flesh-eating disease” in Pangasinan not true

“On Tuesday, Feb 25, Pangasinan provincial health officer Dr. Anna De Guzman dispelled a news report that said a ‘flesh-eating disease’ is spreading in Pangasinan,” reports

The statement was made after ABS-CBN, in their news program Bandila, reported on Monday night, Feb 24, that a “mysterious flesh-eating illness” was spreading in Pangasinan.

The report took up two case studies from the towns of Villasis and Santa Barbara whose skin were reported to be “decaying” (naaagnas). As it turns out, the report revealed “the first patient from Santa Barbara was a leper who suffered from an adverse reaction from a drug” and “the second patient from Villasis has psoriasis.”

De Guzman emphasized that the two cases were definitely NOT that of the rare necrotizing fasciitis.

The two patients are now in the hospital for further treatment.

We thank ABS-CBN for causing this excitement. (Peace, guys! We believed the Bandila story, too…for about three hours tops.)

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