Duterte speech interrupted by pesky cockroach

Screenshot: ABS-CBN News video.
Screenshot: ABS-CBN News video.

It’s hard to outshine Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte in his own speech but this insect just did.

A cockroach was caught crawling up Duterte’s arm during his speech in a campaign rally in Bohol yesterday.

The president’s aide quickly came to the rescue by shooing the bug away with a bunch of documents but it continued to crawl down Duterte’s chest. He eventually had to swat the roach himself.

The incident is no longer in the video of the speech uploaded by the Radio Television Malacañang but netizens managed to screen record it while the event was on Facebook Live.

The whole hullabaloo only lasted about 10 seconds but that was enough for social media to start churning out memes and sarcastic comments.

Satirical Twitter page @MalacananEvents referenced the administration’s controversial Duterte ouster matrix and joked that the cockroach is also in on the alleged destabilization plot against the president.

The Duterte administration has released two matrices that connect political parties, individuals, and media organizations to an alleged ouster plot against Duterte. His camp seems to be taking the diagram very seriously, but many think the accusations are unfounded and quite ridiculous.

Netizen @jltjavier, one the other hand, has a creepy “theory” about the roach.

“What if Duterte is actually a bunch of cockroaches operating a corpse and one just couldn’t stomach it anymore and finally walked out,” he asked.

It’s straight out of a horror movie.

@Reolulim had a similar idea but was a bit more high-tech.

“Theory: Duterte is a robot being controlled by two cockroaches and the co-pilot cockroach got fired.”

@radiationchase gave the cockroach one point for its efforts.

@myeontague, on the other hand, was a bit harsher.

“Idk maybe the cockroach just smells where the trash is.”


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