Dude shocked to discover his passport destroyed by pet dogs

The poster’s dogs and his destroyed passport. Photo: Mark Kevin Garde
The poster’s dogs and his destroyed passport. Photo: Mark Kevin Garde

Dogs are a man’s best friend but sometimes, they bring a ton of trouble too.

Netizen Mark Kevin Garde shared a now-viral post last week showing how his two mini pinchers destroyed his passport by ripping its pages apart.

“Lord, please tell me this was all a dream. If this isn’t, please turn my dogs into frogs, Lord. Is this really true?” Garde wrote in Cebuano.

Garde may have been shocked and distressed by what his dogs have done, but netizens could not help but find the situation funny and somewhat relatable. As of this writing, the Facebook post has been shared 20,000 times, with more than 18,000 reactions, and close to 7,000 comments.

Check out Garde’s photos of the carnage below.

In an interview with Coconuts Manila over Facebook Messenger, Garde said his brown dog Misu is 6 months old, while the black dog Lala is 5 months old. He discovered what the two did to his passport after coming home from work at 8am on Wednesday.

“I was so surprised, of course. But I couldn’t be angry at them. I just ended up laughing because they looked so guilty as if they understood that they have done something wrong,” he said in Filipino.

The passport was kept inside a plastic case that was not properly closed. He then placed the case on top of a cabinet.

“On top of the plastic case, I put a box containing Misu and Lala’s things. I don’t understand how they were able to reach it,” he said.

Netizens theorized and created stories about why Misu and Lala would do what they did.

A Facebook user with the name Oh Feel Yah wrote: “Actually, they did that so you won’t leave them.”

Photo: Mark Kevin Garde
Photo: Mark Kevin Garde

Theresa Veloso thinks the same.

“They love you, they don’t want you to go to a really far place,” she said.

She also did not pass on the chance to talk about her own dogs.

“I have a dog, he loves making high jumps and snatches clothes from the clothesline and plays with them. He looks cute when he does that, it’s amusing” Veloso said.

Photo: Mark Kevin Garde
Photo: Mark Kevin Garde

“They don’t want you to travel. They will miss you. I hope you don’t punish these doggies. I’d feel bad for them,” Meg Seva Boudreaux wrote.

Photo: Mark Kevin Garde
Photo: Mark Kevin Garde

Phoenix Espe said that the dogs just mean “they love you that much.”

Photo: Mark Kevin Garde
Photo: Mark Kevin Garde

Have your pets done anything similar? Tell us by leaving a comment below or tweeting to @CoconutsManila.

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