Domino Effect: Viral dashcam vid shows swerving taxi causing bus to topple jeepney

Screenshot from Ian Narcilla Facebook video.

Manila is known for having really bad traffic, but even when the roads are clear, it can still be plenty dangerous for motorists. Case in point: this viral video posted on Tuesday that shows how a swerving taxi caused a bus to knock over a jeepney at Quezon City’s Commonwealth Ave.

The video was posted by Facebook user Ian Narcilla, who in his caption pointed out the road violations each of the vehicles committed.

It starts with a white taxi, first seen in the leftmost lane, swerving all the way to the right in just 17 seconds. A red bus in the same lane sees the taxi’s signal light but retains its speed as it tries to move right.

This happens as a blue jeepney on the rightmost lane tries to go left (while its right turn signal was on) and then abruptly slows down. The bus, presumably wanting to overtake the jeepney, moves left again, hitting the jeepney in the process.

It’s like a watching set of domino pieces topple over.

The entire incident could have been avoided if only all the involved vehicles just followed the damn rules.

But in Manila, where most drivers feel like they’re king of the road, that’s a tall order.

The Metro Manila Accident Recording and Analysis System’s reports from 2010-2016 show that “human error” or forms of negligence including counter-flowing, crappy turns, speeding, and abrupt stopping were the top causes of crashes in the city.

So basically, everything the vehicles on the video did.

Last year, the MMDA recorded a total of 434 deaths and 19,374 injuries in Metro Manila because of road crashes.

According to the traffic office for Quezon City’s sector 5, the jeepney passengers in Tuesday’s incident were taken to the East Avenue Medical Center.

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