Dog’s emotional reaction to master saying he’ll get another pet melts netizens’ hearts

Ritche Carreon and his dog Prince. Photo: Ritche Carreon
Ritche Carreon and his dog Prince. Photo: Ritche Carreon

What an emotional doggo!

One cute dog has gone viral after his owner posted a video of him late last week that shows him acting really sad after his master said he was planning to get another pet to replace him.


Here’s the video that has been shared more than 234,000 times since it was posted. The dog’s owner, Ritche Carreon, teases his dog in Filipino: “I don’t like you anymore. I want a husky, I want a really big husky. Someone who has different [colored] eyes. Someone who grew up overseas. Yes, I will get someone new. I don’t like you anymore.”

Harsh words! But watch how his dog, named Prince, reacts to what he said. It will surely melt your heart.


So adorbs!

In a phone interview with Coconuts Manila, Carreon said that he shot the video after Prince refused to go home because he enjoyed playing outdoors too much.

“He was upset; he didn’t want to go home,” he said in Filipino. This is when he started teasing his dog about getting a new pet.

Prince is not trained but he’s just very clingy.

“He’s very attached. Sometimes when I pretend to scold him he gets really jittery,” shared Carreon.

Carreon said he found Prince somewhere in Alabang, Muntinlupa where he was being sold by street vendors.

“I came from work that night and I saw him being sold by this group. They told me they were from Batangas and I should buy a puppy because they just might die,” he said.

Carreon took pity on Prince and another female dog whom he named Princess, who died when she was only six months old.

He said Prince can get really emotional, which is amusing.

“Sometimes whenever my wife and I would argue he would move to another room because he doesn’t want to hear us arguing,” he said fondly.

He’s also proud of how disciplined Prince is especially whenever he eats his meals.

“He prefers to use his hands whenever he eats his meals. And he doesn’t start eating unless I give him the go signal,” said Carreon.

He’s amazed by how much other people have fallen in love with Prince. Some people were so besotted with the dog that they sent food and shampoo.

“I think they really think he’s cute. I will just ask him if I could share his food with him,” Carreon joked.

Currently, Carreon is inundated with requests to adopt other dogs but he said he’s happy having just Prince for now. At the same time, he wants to use their viral fame to tell other owners to take care of mixed-breed dogs.

He said: “All dogs are cute, even the native ones. When you take care of them properly, they will look even cuter. A dog’s appearance shows how well his owner takes care of him. If they are abused, they won’t look good.”

Judging by the comments of netizens, many of them find Prince cute. Wrote Jazzie Lim: “What a cute baby.”

Photo: Ritche Carreon's Facebook account
Photo: Ritche Carreon’s Facebook account

Junior Escobedo thinks both Prince and his owner are amusing.

Photo: Ritche Carreon's Facebook account
Photo: Ritche Carreon’s Facebook account

One netizen reacted by saying that all dogs are “goof boyes (sic),” which possibly means “good boys.”

Photo: Ritche Carreon's Facebook account
Photo: Ritche Carreon’s Facebook account

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