Do you remember ‘Eraption: How to Speak English Without Really Trial’?

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Erap is turning 78 on Sunday, April 19. He says his birthday wish is to run for reelection as mayor but allow us to dedicate today’s #TBT to him instead.

Dug up from Coconuts Manila’s baul is Eraption: How to Speak English Without Really Trial. It’s the Erap joke book published in 1994 written by his one-time Ateneo English teacher, whom he calls the ‘culprit’ Emil Jurado and Reli German whom Erap refers to as the ‘promotor.’

Apart from showcasing classic humor from the ‘90s, the 21-year-old book is proving to be a treasure trove of Pinoy Pop Culture, too. It features illustrations from famous Pinoy illustrators like Larry Alcala.

There’s more: It also features Erap jokes from comedian Willie Nepomuceno, ex-President Fidel V. Ramos, and beloved ex-senator Juan Flavier. 

If you can still find a copy, we suggest you buy one now. It’s one of those things good to give as a gift, or even to have, just in case you get one of those really terrible days and you need a solid pick-upperWe mean, look at Erap’s preface:

And just because we’ve been tripping out on this all month long, here are three of our favorites:

We want to put more but we’re unsure of copyright infringement and all that. So yeah, copyright is owned by the authors of the book. We say get a copy if you’re able to find one. And happy birthday, Erap! 

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