DJ Mo Twister’s dog kidnapped and found dead in Las Vegas

DJ Mo Twister’s dog, an English bulldog named Bamboo, was found lifeless in the area of the man who stole him. Image: DJ Mo Twister (Instagram)
DJ Mo Twister’s dog, an English bulldog named Bamboo, was found lifeless in the area of the man who stole him. Image: DJ Mo Twister (Instagram)

DJ Mo Twister, the popular Filipino radio show host and podcaster, is mourning the loss of a precious family member after his pet of 10 years, an English bulldog named Bamboo, was found dead in Las Vegas.

“Two days ago, he was taken from the home he protected so well for so many years,” Mo Twister wrote in an Instagram post yesterday, adding that three men working on a construction site near his home had “tied a rope around his neck and led them into their truck in this summer heat,” based on camera footage.

“I saw these men yesterday and confronted them with the evidence and asked for my dog back. It got tense and the police responded and because the law has to have certain elements to warrant a felony, we just didn’t have enough — even though they admitted to stealing Bamboo. They said they stole him but let him go down the street from our home because they panicked,” he wrote.

He said Bamboo’s lifeless body was later found “… in the area of the person who stole him. Nowhere near my home, an impossible distance for an old and nearly blind Bulldog to reach.”.

Local news in Las Vegas also picked up the story. The Las Vegas Police Department is also investigating the case.

“The detective assigned to our case from the Animal Cruelty Division promised us his very best effort,” the radio DJ wrote.

Mo Twister added that the owner of the construction company also owned the truck Bamboo was last seen in. “He was the guy that said he let Bamboo go in the streets near our home after admitting to police he stole Bamboo.”

“I’ve heard people have called the business looking for answers and they changed their number today. I wouldn’t be surprised if they change their company name in an attempt to continue business,” he wrote.

The DJ thanked his followers for the outpouring of support, yet ended on an ominous note.

“Run Free Bamboo, the killers will not be as fortunate.”

Mo Twister, real name Mohan Gumatay, is a popular radio show presenter and is best known for his Good Times With Mo show on Magic 89.9, where he would often ask provocative questions to celebrity guests. He moved back to the United States in 2012 but continues to host Good Times With Mo as a podcast.

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