Cop caught on camera cursing at Muslim man for allegedly violating quarantine

Screenshot from ABS-CBN’s video, taken by Zhander Cayabyab
Screenshot from ABS-CBN’s video, taken by Zhander Cayabyab

A cop is facing an investigation by the Manila Police District (MPD) after he was caught on video today cursing at a member of the Muslim community of Quiapo, Manila.

In a video taken by ABS-CBN News reporter Zhander Cayabyab and posted to Twitter today, a man in fatigues can be seen holding a long wooden stick and screaming at visitors of the Quiapo Golden Mosque: “Everyone who goes out beyond the allowed hours will be shot! You sons of bitches! Son of a bitch!”

Speaking to a man who was about to leave the mosque, while appearing to swat and jab at him with his wooden switch, the uniformed officer screams, “You, why are you out? Is it the right hour?”

The other man appears to show him a document, believed to be a quarantine pass, which only enrages the uniformed officer further.

“Why, are you supposed to use that for this? You son of a bitch, you’re so stubborn! You sons of bitches!”

MPD Director Brig. Gen. Rolando Miranda told ABS-CBN News he will have the incident investigated.

“We should not allow our emotions to rule us when implementing the law,” he said.

The Philippine National Police’s chief for operations, Lt. Gen. Guillermo Eleazar, told GMA News in a separate interview that they will not tolerate such abuses.

“We will have this investigated. The PNP’s leadership will not allow any abusive action from any government worker or policeman, at a time when we all need to help each other and sacrifice,” Eleazar said.

The monthlong Luzon-wide lockdown prohibits Filipinos from going out of their homes for anything other than necessities, and violators can face prosecution.

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