College diploma requirement for ‘yaya’ or nanny in the Philippines raises eyebrows

Image: Fiora Uniforms / Reddit (u/megumi_satoru)
Image: Fiora Uniforms / Reddit (u/megumi_satoru)

Let’s face it: the Philippines does not exactly have the best track record for caring for its domestic workers — despite the fact that RA 10361 or The Domestic Workers Act exists to protect them. And with increasingly unique household situations after the pandemic, it seems that more of these nanny requirements are getting unusual.

Take the case of this yaya or nanny ad in Makati City making the rounds on social media sites such as Reddit, where the poster is looking for someone who can take care of a five-year-old and teach them “with patience,” too.

YAYA requirements
by u/megumi_satoru in Philippines

At first glance, the rate of PHP15,000 (US$274.83) is (sadly) considered relatively competitive for household workers, especially considering the fact that the present minimum wage for domestic workers in Metro Manila is at PHP6,000 (US$109.93). 

But considering that the role requires the applicant to stay in with free meals, and will likely have to work on weekends too (save for the two days off in a month) — on top of a university diploma and teaching experience, it’s quite the reach.

As one Redditor explained, “This is basically a live-in job, like you’re on-call 24-7. They have no control over their time. At least blue collar workers can get away from their job after 5pm and actually go back to their families.”

“They underestimate the energy requirements of caring for five-year-olds,” another mentioned.

“Why in the world would anyone need a university degree to be a yaya? It’s basically babysitting. These people who want university degrees and only give 2 days off a month amaze me with their entitlement,” another wrote.
There’s also the possibility that the ad may be in violation of Philippine law. RA 10361 states that a kasambahay (domestic worker) must have a total rest period of eight hours, or a total of at least 24 consecutive hours of rest in a week.

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