Coconuts shot: Hospital’s circumcision promo poster uses the Avengers

In the Philippines, it’s a common practice for parents to have their sons circumcised. While there are a few who opt to have their sons go through it when they’re just babies, it is more common for parents to wait until the boys are older.

With that in mind, a hospital in Meycauayan Bulacan — which is about an hour’s drive from Manila — put up this poster earlier this year.

Clearly, they hoped to entice young boys to go through with the operation (referred to as “tuli” in Filipino) by using the Avengers. Indeed, the sight of superheroes may help young boys forget that they’re about to go through a very delicate operation on their nether regions.

The poster even indicates that the hospital has a promo on cicumcisions, boasting of a PHP3,000 package (around US$62).

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