In case you didn’t know: ‘Peenoise’ is a nasty term for Pinoys

For a long time now, we have been seeing the word “Peenoise” in some of our comments. We, of course, thought nothing of it until we were prompted to do a Google search for its meaning.

Apparently, the word is a derogatory term that originated in the gaming community.

In a Reddit thread related to the popular game Defense of the Ancients 2 or DoTA 2, one user asked, “What does Peenoise mean?”

Another user gave an answer that floored us (but not in a good way). “It’s a mean way to talk about people from the Philippines, [who are] usually called Pinoys. It makes fun of their high-pitched voice and tendency to scream when speaking English,” read the reply.

An Urban Dictionary entry offers a more detailed definition of “Peenoise.”

The said entry reads:

The most common type of Filipino online gamer, having one or more of these characteristics:

1. Toxic – always spouts foul Filipino words; threatens to disrupt the game/experience if he does not gets his way, like AFK-ing, griefing or abandoning.
2. Superiority Complex – they are the same ones who think that Filipinos are the best race in the world.

3. “Pabida” – he always wants to be under the spotlight; would
rather have good stats than a good game.


Pabida is a Filipino term referring to someone who wants to get attention by supposedly taking the lead in activities.

The Urban Dictionary entry also offers the following examples of typical Peenoise behavior during a game:

Allied Dazzle accidentally picks up the kill…
(“You stupid motherfucker, why did you get my kill, idiot.”)

Peenoise gets skillfully sniped from middle-doors in Dust 2…
Peenoise *screams from mic*: “PUTANG INA HACKER YUN PUTA ALIS AKO MGA BOBO”
(“Motherfucker, he’s a hacker. Fuck, I quit, idiots.”)


Nowadays, though, we see a lot of non-gamers using the term, Peenoise, to express some unsavory opinions about Pinoys.

Ignorance is bliss, but, well, there comes a time when you have to know the truth.

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