Boracay mountain allegedly flattened during shutdown

Photo from ABS-CBN News.

Boracay island is supposed to be under a complete shutdown for six months, following the government’s controversial decision to close it in late April, but a video currently being shared online has some wondering if the promised rehabilitation is taking place.

The video, shared by multiple Facebook pages, supposedly shows a mountain in Boracay’s Barangay (Village) Yapak that has been flattened and deforested.

According to the posts, the video was taken on Friday, May 11, two weeks after the island was closed to tourists.

Photo from ABS-CBN News.

ABS-CBN News reported that an unnamed security guard manning the area said the forest-clearing and mountain-leveling stopped when the closure began on April 26.

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However, the same report states that workers on the site said construction activities are still being done day and night.

The reason for flattening the mountain has not been determined, but residents have said that the land is privately owned.

Save for minor renovations of existing structures and the taking down of establishments that go beyond the easement zone, the government had ordered construction activities to be suspended for the duration of the six-month shutdown.

Although it was met with protests from residents who feared losing their jobs while the tourist-dependent island was closed,  the government insisted that the closure would be good, as it would allow them to solve problems like overdevelopment and the lack of a proper sewage system.

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