Better than that letter: This biopic of Elmer Jamias shown in 2000!

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Elmer Jamias, of course is the deputy chief for administration for the Southern Police District, who was very vocal about their plans of pressing charges against the vice president.

Earlier this week, VP Binay, in a lapse in judgement, berated and accosted several policemen. Those policemen were under Jamias’ wing, lucky them.

Anyway, a lot of #TBT material on Jamias has been thrown around social media since then, chief of which is this letter from Binay dated 1999, praising Jamias for being an outstanding police officer.

But wait. There’s more. Our favorite TBT material on him? His biopic! It’s called Col. Elmer Jamias: Barako ng Maynila and it was shown 15 years ago, in the year 2000. Want another familiar detail? Sen. Jinggoy Estrada played the title part.

Weird no? How life turns out the way it does.


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