‘Avoid touching men; follow women’: Mall arcade’s bizarre COVID mnemonic sparks debate

Images: u/aceBetas (Reddit)
Images: u/aceBetas (Reddit)

With COVID-19 surges recorded in Metro Manila, it would seem like good sense to continue practicing protective health measures while out in public indoor places like a mall. Yet one arcade may have gone too far after its bizarre sign confused people online.

Reddit user u/aceBetas posted photos of a signage at Quantum Arcade, a popular arcade chain, whose mnemonic device read, “Avoid touching MEN. Instead, follow WOMEN.”

Found this at a Quantum arcade. All I can say is, get better acronyms.
by u/aceBetas in Philippines

“All I can say is, get better acronyms,” the OP wrote online.

MEN stands for Mouth, Eyes, and Nose. Meanwhile, WOMEN is supposed to mean Wash your hands, Obey social distancing, Mask up, Exercise and eat well, and No unnecessary crowding.

“I’m not molesting any men or stalking any women, thanks,” one user wrote.

“Wow, this is so forced,” another said.

“No sane team would approve this,” one chimed in.

Others called to mind a similarly controversial mnemonic, BLOWBAGETS (blow a young one), reminding drivers about the things to check before hitting the road: Battery, Lights, Oil, Water, Brake Air, Gas, Engine, Gas, Engine, Tire and Self.

Some argued that its controversial recall is what makes the mnemonic a successful one.

“They’re supposed to get you to read the sign and they succeeded, so the mnemonics are effective, no?” One reasoned.

“I guess they did it on purpose to catch people’s attention. Scandalous yet, but it made people aware,” another said.


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