3 ‘persons of interest’ eyed in connection to Calamba driver slay

Slain driver Robyn Jang Lucero. Photo: Kattle Cee/FB
Slain driver Robyn Jang Lucero. Photo: Kattle Cee/FB

Calamba City police have identified three “persons of interest” in connection with the killing of driver Robyn Jang Lucero, whose body was found dead with multiple stab wounds on Sunday.

Lieutenant Colonel Gene Licud told The Philippine Daily Inquirer yesterday that it was likely that Lucero knew her attacker personally.

“We are more inclined [to believe that] it’s a case of love triangle rather than [something related to her job as a driver],” Licud said.

The police chief said they had found three people from an online group chat who supposedly hired Lucero to drive for them on that day. The cops are now searching for these three people, whom they suspect had hired the victim to lure and kill her.

In a separate interview with news show 24 Oras, Licud said that Lucero, who moonlit as a driver after losing her restaurant job due to the pandemic, may have been killed out of “intense love.” He added that they had found four cellphones in the scene of the crime, which the killers might have left to confuse the police. Authorities have already found witnesses who supposedly confirmed their theory that at least three people were involved in Lucero’s killing.

A resident of Pasay City, Lucero was found dead with 50 stab wounds inside her car, which was parked along Bucal Bypass Road in Calamba City. Most of her wounds were located in the chest area. Before her death, Lucero reportedly brought her partner to the town of Bae, Laguna on Sunday evening.


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