11 fake railway employees caught allegedly stealing train parts

Photo: Department of Transportation – Philippines/FB

They were caught red-handed.

The Philippine National Railways’ (PNR) Civil Security Office and Incident Response team caught 11 people yesterday who allegedly posed as employees of the PNR’s engineering department in Cavite.

They immediately called the cops to have the perps arrested.

The Department of Transportation (DOTr) said in its official Facebook page that the unidentified suspects were allegedly caught in the act of dismantling and stealing the train rails and parts which belong to the PNR’s Carmona Spur Line.

And they looked the part too.

One of the photos in the post shows three men wearing yellow shirts with the abbreviation “PNR” on it.

“They were wearing PNR uniform, they probably had it made,” an employee of the PNR who wished not to be identified told Coconuts Manila in Filipino over the phone.

She added that the suspects were moving the train materials to a 10-wheeler truck when the railway police spotted them.

The PNR has said that it will go after individuals and groups proven to be stealing train track materials.

You know, in case others get the same idea.

It also said in the statement that the PNR encourages the public to report incidents like this to the nearest police station or to the PNR.

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