This city in the north of the country’s capital has evolved drastically in the last couple of decades. From a quiet fishing and agricultural town, it is now an emerging city, showing lots of industrial and commercial growth in a short amount of time. In spite of the people flowing in and out of Valenzuela almost 24/7, it doesn’t feel as fast-paced as the rest of the Metro. A huge part of the city is still residential, and life in the area still feels quiet, slow and relaxed. t Undeniably, he place has kept its small-town charm. Valenzuela a kind of place where big families visit a church together on Sunday mornings and promptly proceed to have lunch together afterward. It’s where wet market vendors know all their regular customers by name. It’s where for neighbors have long, meaningful chats with one another on a regular basis. There are quite a number of colleges in the area, so it is not unusual to see students in uniforms hanging around in lush parks or studying in quaint coffee shops. Aside from small drinking spots and several eateries with karaoke machines, there is no notable nightlife and party places in the area. Just recently, a huge mall was constructed, and it became the primary source of entertainment for most residents. Valenzuela is still relatively isolated, but the LRT, buses, jeeps, and tricycles have made it easy to get in and out of this very busy city.

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