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Mandaluyong City is a mix of residential areas and commercial spaces such as office buildings and shopping malls.  The Asian Development Bank and the San Miguel Corporation are officially listed under the jurisdiction of Mandaluyong. It shares the Ortigas Center — a bustling financial district — with Pasig City. Mandaluyong City's landmarks include the Spanish-era San Felipe Neri Church, as well as the Correctional Institute for Women and the National Center for Mental Health. There are many stories about how Mandaluyong got its name. One story claims that the place used to be full of luyong trees (footstool palms). Another story that giant sea waves — which were called daluyong by locals — used to hit the city's low-lying areas. So, when Spanish colonizers discovered the area and tried to converse with the natives, the language barrier led to a misunderstanding. The natives had allegedly described the place as "madaluyong," which when roughly translated means "prone to being hit by big waves." As such, Spanish scribes supposedly referred to the place as "Mandaluyong."   


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