What the hell is “Ether” and should you invest in it?

Photo: Unsplash
Photo: Unsplash

Unless you are living under a rock with no internet connection within a thousand miles, you have probably heard of Ethereum — one of the world’s most popular cryptocurrencies and the computational framework behind all those NFTs your favorite influencer is peddling. But aside from using Ether (as it is commonly known) as digital money or as support for other digital assets, it’s also a straight-up investment vehicle. You can buy it in the hopes it increases in price, just like a stock or bond — the boring investments your uncle has. 

Gone are the days when you had to work with an expensive broker if you didn’t know enough about trading or finance but wanted to invest. There are programs all over the world that help people invest and execute trades in the blink of an eye. 

Should you, though? All investments carry risk, and a certain amount of knowledge is needed to make the most informed decisions about how you spend that hard-earned cash. Investing in crappy alt-coins (of which there are about a thousand random new ones being made each day) is a good recipe for an account explosion. Ether is viewed by many as a more stringent investment, largely because it is widely adopted and can’t be rug-pulled. Interested to learn more? We’ve got the low-down for you. 

The basics

It all starts with something called the blockchain. Blockchain technology is most often associated with Bitcoin, but in reality, a blockchain is essentially just a network of computers that are used for various kinds of transactions, and include much more than just Bitcoin. There are plenty of platforms that use blockchain technology for a variety of purposes. Ethereum is one of them.

While Bitcoin and Ethereum share some common characteristics, Ethereum provides a far more complete service than Bitcoin. In a nutshell, Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency, while Ethereum is an open-ended software platform, used for making contracts and applications. Ethereum also has its own programming language and it’s own cryptocurrency, known as Ether (ETH), which can be used in more diverse ways than Bitcoin. Simply put, Ethereum has pioneered the application of blockchain technology for use outside of just cryptocurrency exchanges.

In addition to working as a conventional cryptocurrency, Ether can be used for a variety of applications, especially on the Ethereum platform itself, to access and utilize different services. One of the major differences between Ether and Bitcoin is that Ether is far more accessible than many other cryptocurrencies, and has been specially designed to allow Ethereum to function to its full effect; while Bitcoin, on the other hand, was meant to be more of a total replacement or alternative to conventional currencies.

Why Invest in Ethereum?

After Bitcoin, Ethereum is the most popular crypto trading choice for users in the tech and finance world. There are a bunch of reasons why. 

One advantage of investing in Ethereum as opposed to other cryptocurrencies or crypto software platforms is that Ethereum supports other digital currencies, giving Ethereum incredible potential for growth. 

The fact that Ethereum can be used as a means for exchanging a variety of cryptocurrencies, makes it an exciting prospect for the future of finance tech in general. 

In addition to being a place where users can send and receive currency, Ethereum is also a programming language, allowing it to smoothly integrate with other businesses and applications.

Ethereum can be used to create third-party apps, which are then subsequently used in various contracts and agreements outside of the platform. 

While Ether might not be as valuable as Bitcoin right now in terms of pricing, it’s growing popularity promises it to be a reliable and versatile investment platform. It is also worth noting how quickly Ethereum has grown. As tech develops a larger role in finance, it seems obvious that Ethereum will become inherently more valuable.

This might sound good, but there are a ton of financial risks and so much information to understand to get your head around the trading game. This is where platforms like Ethereum Code try to fill the gaps. 

Ethereum Code is a new investing platform that makes the process of trading Ethereum completely automatic and extremely simple, with it’s software doing most of the work for you. The app has been specially designed to be accessible for everyone, irrespective of their background or proficiency levels in finance and tech. All you need is a starting deposit and a few minutes each day for administering your free account. 

What makes Ethereum Code so unique?

​​One of the reasons why Ethereum Code is so unique is because it completely automates the trading process. This easy-to-use trading app allows the average person to invest in sophisticated technology like Ethereum without needing to understand it themselves. Based on sophisticated algorithms and theory, the apps use a bot to make investment choices and moves, which means that you don’t need to follow the market yourself. Using Ethereum Code itself is completely free. To start trading, the bot needs a deposit of $250, and the money goes directly into your trading investments (it is not the cost of using the app).

With the right technology at their disposal, trading with Ethereum Code is easy! Sign up for your Ethereum Code account today. 

Note, Coconuts Media is not a financial services company and does not provide financial advice. This article is part of a paid partnership with Ethereum Code and is for educational purposes only. 

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