Veteran broadcaster deletes pregnancy claim after actress Julia Barretto cries ‘fake news’

<i>Photo: Julia Barretto / FB, Jay Sonza / FB</i>
Photo: Julia Barretto / FB, Jay Sonza / FB

Veteran broadcaster Jay Sonza has taken down a post congratulating actress Julia Barretto for supposedly being pregnant, spawning several news stories about the 23-year-old actress who shut down the bogus claim.

The 65-year-old former talk show host also coughed up a half-hearted apology on his Facebook today where he wrote that both Julia and her mom Marjorie Barretto denied the pregnancy rumors.

“I’m not pregnant – Julia, My child isn’t pregnant – Marjorie. But someone said so, which is why I was happy. If that’s the case, then I retract my well wishes. I was just happy and excited that someone was blessed with the gift of life. My apologies if my congratulations came too early. I will just put away my gift for them for now,” Sonza said in English and Filipino.

The broadcaster’s now-deleted post pointedly declared yesterday that his neighbor Julia was pregnant with actor and rumored partner Gerald Anderson’s child.

“Congratulations to my neighbor in Congressional Village, Bahay Toro, Quezon City,” Sonza had written, mockingly saying that both Julia and Anderson have both proven that “they’re not barren.”

Sonza also alleged that the couple had sex multiple times during the quarantine.

“After months of love lockdown and ESQ (exact sex quadrant) – something was formed in Julia’s womb,” the broadcaster less-than-tastefully claimed, before adding, “Happy Monday. I will just listen in on the news when my neighbor will get married.”

Julia, without detailing anything, or naming anyone in particular, took to her Instagram last night to post a photo baring her flat stomach, writing “FAKE NEWS :)”

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Meanwhile, Anderson seemed to hit two birds with one stone by promoting his TV show A Soldier’s Hearand cryptically alluding to the claims.

“During these times, ‘FAKE NEWS’ spreads quickly,” he wrote, adding that he thought the resumption of the ABS-CBN action drama was also fake news, but it wasn’t.

“This video is our test shot and our taping was delayed for months after this. But we still have hope…never lose hope,” he added.


Like most industries, showbiz has been severely affected by the pandemic, and production has slowed down to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. When ABS-CBN’s broadcast operation was shut down, many of its onscreen talents have left the media giant for rival stations. Both Anderson and Julia, however, have stayed with the network.

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The two were rumored to be a real-life couple after starring in romcom Between Maybes. Rumors intensified when Anderson ended his relationship with then-girlfriend Bea Alonzo, whose cryptic online posts led her rabid fans to attack and blame Julia for the breakup. Anderson has denied that a third party is responsible for the split, while Julia slammed Alonzo for “bullying” her.


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