The Audacity! Former beauty queen in hot water for saying she ‘hates’ K-pop

Beauty queen turned singer Imelda Schweighart. Photo: Schweighart/FB
Beauty queen turned singer Imelda Schweighart. Photo: Schweighart/FB

A former beauty queen has earned the ire of countless Filipino music fans after she said yesterday that she “hates” K-pop.

Girl, what were you thinking?!

Image from Schweighart/FB
Image from Schweighart/FB

Imelda Schweighart, who has reinvented herself as a singer, said Pinoys “are losing their identity trying to be like Koreans. Can you have some pride, please?”

“Filipinos are better at speaking English than Koreans. I thought it was the Chinese who was invading us? I think we’re getting it wrong. We’re the ones who are always getting invaded,” the German-Filipino model added.

The singer referred to the Chinese military’s presence in the contested West Philippine Sea. The former Miss Philippines Earth also said that “oppression and slavery” exist in the Korean entertainment industry because of the reliance of its talents on plastic surgery.

“Insecurity is what they sell. They are not promoting self-love,” she said and encouraged Filipinos to support Original Pilipino Music (OPM)

“I want to see us carve our own lane, promote self-love, acceptance for shapes and sizes without too much compromise and sacrifice as entertainers. Diversity, for once!” she said.

As of today, Schweighart’s Facebook account is deactivated.

While her remarks seem to come from a place of love for original Pinoy music, local K-pop fans did not take them too kindly. Last night her name trended on Twitterverse, and the feedback was overwhelmingly negative. Said a certain @CaletteKyu, “Ms. Imelda, You want people to listen to OPM songs hut look at what you’re doing. Is this the pride you’re pertaining to??? You even hate Asians and love Caucasians. Ms, your whiteness is showing. You are straight ass hypocrite. And you aren’t even full Filipino. Shut up, miss.”

“[L]iking someone else’s music in another language doesn’t make you less of a Filipino, let people have fun…no one [is] getting hurt. Imelda is j[ust] embarrassing,” tweeted @mgs_h93.

Some people also called out the beauty queen for coming up with the salaciously titled song “Fuccboi,” which has been heavily downvoted on YouTube and attracted scores of negative comments from K-pop fans.

“[A]dmiring or idolizing foreign artists doesn’t make you less than a Filipino. [I]t doesn’t make you less than your nationality. What’s the problem with admiring or idolizing them? You want filos (Filipinos) to listen to OPM, yet here you are making this kind of music, Imelda,” tweeted @kookiejungggg.

Schweighart had to relinquish her crown in 2016 following her the disparaging remarks she made about Miss Earth winner Katherine Espin of Ecuador. She said that Espin has a “fake nose, fake chin, [and] fake boobs.”


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