Super Tekla’s girlfriend calls out comedian for allegedly harassing her to have sex

Super Tekla. Photo: Handout
Super Tekla. Photo: Handout

A woman named Michelle Lhor Bana-ag yesterday appeared in a television program to complain about her boyfriend, comedian Super Tekla, whom she alleged harasses her for sex.

Bana-ag said in an interview with talk show Raffy Tulfo in Action that Tekla, Romeo Librada in real life, refuses to support their family because she sometimes doesn’t want to have sex with him.

“I feel sick. Every afternoon I have a fever. I get sick. I have a headache. [But] he doesn’t understand that. He doesn’t want to respect me. He told me to get injectable contraceptives because he couldn’t stop himself,” she said in English and Filipino.

“He would curse at me. Sometimes he ignores me. He won’t buy food for us even if my nephews are there…Sometimes I would beg him to buy food, and he would say, ‘Why? You didn’t want to [have sex]?'” a crying Bana-ag added.

“[He would say] ‘Oh you want to buy food, let’s do it first.’ Whenever we are in our room, he would tell my nephews to leave [so we could have sex].”

The program showed a video taken by Bana-ag where she is seen arguing with Tekla, whom she accused of masturbating right next to their child. Tekla curses at his girlfriend, whom he accused of refusing to sleep with him.

“I was holding our baby, who was sleeping on my chest, he would take him. Then he would masturbate [next to me],” she said.

“There was also a time when I was holding my child, and I was breastfeeding him, he stood next to me and would touch my private parts until he masturbated,” Bana-ag said about her boyfriend.

Tekla, who stars on GMA’s The Boobay and Tekla Show, has yet to respond to his girlfriend’s accusations.

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