‘Showtime,’ Indeed: Daytime TV show apologizes for boob-baring wardrobe malfunction

Photo: Screenshot from “It’s Showtime”
Photo: Screenshot from “It’s Showtime”

The ABS-CBN noontime program “It’s Showtime” apologized today after a wardrobe malfunction in the show’s live opening number exposed former pageant contestant Lars Pacheco’s right breast to the audience.

The show’s opening number saw host Kim Atienza talking to the camera while Pacheco dances beside him. When Pacheco takes a step out from behind Atienza, however, it becomes clear that the strap of her crop-top dress has hiked up, exposing her chest, prompting her to hurriedly wheel around as she rushes to cover the errant boob.

Meanwhile, Atienza, unaware the wardrobe malfunction, obliviously tugs on Pacheco’s arm in an apparent attempt to get her to face the camera.

Later, after a commercial break, host Vice Ganda apologized to the viewers of the show, saying in Filipino, “We would like to clarify that what happened earlier to Lars Pacheco was no one’s intended doing,” adding that “Lars was extremely embarrassed that it happened.”

Online, reactions ranged from outrage to envy, while more honorable netizens implored others to stop recirculating images of the slipped nip (thank you!).

“If anyone was offended, we apologize,” Ganda added. “But please know that no one intended the wardrobe malfunction to occur.”

Pacheco was second runner-up in 2018’s Miss Q & A, a popular pageant segment of “It’s Showtime!” But despite her not taking home last year’s crown, she has since made regular guest appearances on the show.

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