Ping Medina says Baron Geisler urinated on him

A disgusted and enraged Ping Medina urged the film and television industry on Monday night to snub Baron Geisler for unprofessional conduct, after the controversial actor allegedly urinated on Medina during their taping.

In a lengthy Facebook post on Mon, Nov 27, Medina angrily recalled the incident that happened while they were taping in Subic. 

According to him, Geisler was sober at first, since his mother, who was in a hospital intensive care unit, doesn’t want the smell of alcohol.

But after handing P200 to Geisler for food, Medina found out that he only used it to buy beer. 

While rehearsing, Medina said the alcohol started to kick in and Geisler was no longer in the right condition to do the scenes. Since he doesn’t want to waste his time, Medina refused Geisler’s request to repeat their rehearsal after three tries. This allegedly caused Geisler to become agitated.

Before they started to shoot, Medina recalled Geisler saying: “May gagawin ako sayo Ping ah. Sana wag ka magalit.” 

(I will do something to you, Ping. I hope you won’t get mad.)

At first, he thought Geisler would only spit on him. But something else allegedly happened: “Nung hinagis ako ng 3 pulis sa sahig, pumasok na si tar******. Tumayo siya sa tabi ko, hovering over me.”

(When the three actors playing as police threw me on the floor, he entered. He stood beside me, hovering over me.)

“Habang umiiyak ako, nagmamakaawa, di makagalaw dahil naka packaging tape ang kamay at paa, at parang napansin ko: binubuksan ba ni Baron ang zipper niya?

(While I was crying, begging, I cannot move because my hands and feet are tied with packaging tape, I noticed: Baron was pulling down his zipper.)

“Siguro dahil ang lalim ko na sa eksena. Umiiyak ako at may mga luha ang mga mata ko kaya di ko makita ng mabuti.” 

(Maybe because I was deep in the scene. I was crying and there were tears in my eyes so I couldn’t see it clearly.)

“Pero ta***na!!! Gagawin ba niya talaga ang gagawin niya???

(But sh*t!!! Is he really going to do it???)

“Napakabilis ng pangyayari. Naramdaman ko na lang na may bumabasa sa dibdib ko. Medyo mainit at may amoy. Unti unti ko na realize na p*******, ginagawa niya talaga to. Umagos ito. Basang basa ang shirt ko. Umagos ito hanggang sa bibig ko. Buti may nakatakip na tape.”

(It was fast. I just felt that my chest was wet. It was a bit warm, and it smells bad. Slowly, I realized that sh*t, he was really doing it. It was flowing. My shirt was very wet, it even reached my mouth. Good thing my mouth was covered with tape.)

Although he was enraged with Geisler, Medina controlled himself and chose to just punch and kick a cargo container where the scene was shot.

“Hindi ka tao. Mas mababa ka pa sa hayop. Kasi ang hayop hindi iniihian ang kapwa na nangingisi-ngisi pa ng patago. Nag enjoy ka sa ginawa mo!” he added. 

(You’re not human. You’re lower than an animal. Because an animal won’t urinate on its own kind while smirking. You enjoyed what you did!

Meanwhile, Geisler also took to Facebook his defense, claiming that what happened was a mere “misunderstanding.”

He also claimed that the director of the film gave him the liberty to do what he thought was best for the scene. 

Read Ping Medina’s and Baron Geisler’s Facebook posts in the full below:

This story first appeared on ABS-CBN News Online and is republished with permission

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