The OG ‘Meteor Garden’ is coming to Netflix Philippines tomorrow

Photo: ABS-CBN website.
Photo: ABS-CBN website.


Filipino fans of the OG 2001 Taiwanese drama series Meteor Garden can rejoice because it is coming to Netflix Philippines — wait for it — tomorrow.

TOMORROW, y’all!

Netflix Philippines made the announcement yesterday night through a cheeky tweet.

They wrote in Filipino: “You: When will Meteor Garden premiere in the Philippines? It’s so unfair, why is there no Meteor Garden here?”

After a string of “Don’t say its,” Netflix Philippines finally spilled the beans in all caps: “Me: THEOGMETEORGARDENISCOMINGTONETFLIXONTHURSDAYJUSTWAIT”

Are we sure it’s the one with Jerry Yan who plays Dao Ming Si in the series? Yes, we’re pretty sure since Netflix Philippines also clarified it to a fan.

@jodeszgavilan wrote in Filipino: “I thought by OG you mean [the cast which includes] Jerry Yan. :'(”

Netflix replied: “It is them.”

Another fan thanked them. “Thank you because I don’t need to go to illegal sites to watch it,” wrote @IcarusRed88.

Netflix responded: “Gotchu.”

Like a true friend.

The original Meteor Garden was a popular series in the Philippines. It premiered on television station ABS-CBN in 2003 and quickly gained popularity, turning it into a national phenomenon. It was popular all over Asia as well.

The 2001 Meteor Garden was based on the Japanese manga Hana Yori Dango. It tells the story of Shan Cai, a girl who gets the attention of F4 — a clique made up of the most popular boys in school — and falls in love with the leader of the group, Dao Ming Si.

The Korean drama version Boys Over Flowers also aired on ABS-CBN in 2009 and was also a hit.

While there is a 2018 Chinese remake of Meteor Garden which stars actress Shen Yue (A Love So Beautiful) who plays the heroine Shan Cai, nothing really beats a classic. You might even say people prefer the OG one over the new one.

The remake was also infamously not available on Netflix Philippines when the series premiered worldwide on July 13. The reason why it wasn’t available was that ABS-CBN bought the rights to air it in the country.

It was shown on the TV giant’s airwaves on Aug. 20 instead. Similar to the Taiwanese version, ABS-CBN dubbed the remake in Filipino and aired it on weekday afternoons.

This made it difficult to watch for fans because people who grew up watching the original drama are now working and were probably in the office at that time.

Let’s not forget that some people take forever to get home thanks to the dreaded traffic in Metro Manila.

Netizens were happy with Netflix Philippines’ announcement:

“THE LONG WAIT IS OVER,” @claraquiambao wrote.

“I’m excited. Give the red card to the naysayers,” wrote @CandyWrapper16 in Filipino.

“What an early birthday gift!” said @mariesweetest.

“Stop messing with my sleep schedule,” said @22_MCB.

Time to binge-watch!

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