Noice!: New Filipino t-shirt brand releases ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ tee collection, designs go viral

Image composite. Photo: Genre Shirts and Apparel/FB
Image composite. Photo: Genre Shirts and Apparel/FB

In the words of Jake Peralta, this looks cool, cool, cool, cool, cool, cool.

A local online shop called Genre Shirts and Apparel just released a Brooklyn Nine-Nine t-shirt collection late last week and Filipino B99 fans are going crazy over it.

It features notable catchphrases from Peralta (Andy Samberg) and Amy Santiago (Melissa Fumero).

One comes in black and yellow, with the words “NINE NINE.”

Photo: Genre Shirts and Apparel/FB
Photo: Genre Shirts and Apparel/FB

Another comes in black with the words “YA BORING.”

Another features Peralta’s catchphrase: cool, cool, cool. The phrase is so popular that Netflix even made a video in May 2018 counting how many times Peralta said “cool.”

The owner of the shop, Jeffrey de Guzman, told Coconuts Manila that he and his college buddy Gino Jardinico manage the online shop, and that the B99 collection is their first ever. They first sold the tees to a few friends before deciding to sell them online.

de Guzman said that they plan to release a Game of Thrones collection sometime in April, too.

“However, due to the influx of messages, we may have to move the release date,” he told Coconuts. “The designs are almost ready! We’re just thinking of the perfect date to release it!”

He added they also made Black Mirror t-shirt designs but decided to put those on hold momentarily, since GoT‘s new season is going to be released in April and that collection has a greater sense of timeliness to it.

de Guzman said their collections will be based on different TV series spanning different genres, explaining in a mix of English and Filipino: “I’m the one who designs the shirts, then my partner suggests the words to put [on the shirt]. He was the one who introduced it [B99] to me. At first, I had no clue about the famous lines when I was designing it. Now, I’m part of the fandom as well!”

Photo: Genre Shirts and Apparel/FB
Photo: Genre Shirts and Apparel/FB

They also plan on selling items other than tees in the future. “We’re just in the midst of looking for suppliers, since we just started,” he shared.

He said they were overwhelmed by the support of fans, adding that they now have over 100 orders.

“We honestly don’t know how it [our Facebook post] went viral, but our hearts are full with the response of the people on social media,” de Guzman said.

Their Facebook post has garnered over 4,800 likes, 3,000 comments, and 5,000 shares as of this article’s posting.

The shirts are priced at PHP350 (US$6.65) each, but Genre Shirts and Apparel has an ongoing promo that offers three shirts for PHP1,000 (US$19).

Captain Holt is pleased.


Genre Shirts and Apparel — online shop only 

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