No Joke: Comedian Ethel Booba tears up after blurting out she’s pregnant on daytime TV

Screenshot from </I>It’s Showtime</I>. <I>Photo: ABS-CBN News</I>
Screenshot from It’s Showtime. Photo: ABS-CBN News

Loose-lipped comedian Ethel Booba has said a lot of funny, crazy things about a lot of controversial personalities in the Philippines, but today on the noontime variety TV show “It’s Showtime,” she still managed to surprise the show’s hosts when she got teary-eyed after blurting out that she is six months pregnant.

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Booba (not her real name, by the way) made the revelation while appearing on the show to promote an upcoming single being released by the record label of Tawag ng Tanghalan (“Call of the Stage”), a singing competition run by “It’s Showtime.” Booba, who is a singer in addition to being a comedian, emerged as the competition’s celebrity grand champion last week.

The admission seemingly came out of nowhere, with host Vice Ganda (also not his real name) teasing Booba in Filipino, “But it’s written in the contract, if you’re going to have a single, you need to be single, too. Is that okay with you?”

Without missing a beat, Booba replied, “How can I be single? [My partner and I] are already going to be a triple.”

She followed up the bombshell with a cackle, giving Ganda a high-five.

The show’s other co-hosts, visibly puzzled and unsure if the the comedian was joking, followed up, with Booba getting uncharacteristically serious (remember, this is a woman whose stage name is a reference to her huge, well, you know what it’s a reference to).

“I feel like I’m about to cry,” she said, veering between sentimentality and humor. “I’m happy for the gift of life I’m having right now… No, I just gave birth, actually.”

A palpably confused Ganda exclaimed, “She gave birth but she’s just got pregnant, because her personality is so upside down.”

He then turned to Booba and demanded, “What is the truth, really?!”

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“That’s why it’s hard for me to sing,” Booba said tearfully, before joking that the strain of hitting those high notes was all the tougher with a bun in the oven. “I feel like my uterus is going to leave my body.”

Ganda then offered the comedian a hug and went on to give a short speech about how the Philippines is full of bad news, but when good news happens, the whole country cheers on. (Awwwww.)

“We’re all aching for good news,” he concluded. “So if you have good news, you should share it.”

Still crying, Ethel said, “Yeah, so here it is: six months.”

“Six months pregnant! Congratulations! We’re so happy for you!” Ganda exclaimed, to cheers from the audience.

Ethel Booba, for those who don’t know (just in case you’re still reading), was born Ethyl Gabison, and is a Filipino TV personality who’s graced our screens since 2001, singing, acting, hosting shows, and appearing in reality competition programs like “Pinoy Big Brother.”

In the Twittersphere, she has a reputation for calling out (often correctly) many politicians over the years. One 2017 tweet, for example, followed Senator Manny Pacquiao’s defeat in the ring at the hands of boxer Jeff Horn.

“Some of our politicians said that Sen. Pacman was robbed,” Booba deadpanned. “I believe in them because they are expert in robbery (corruption). Charot! [Joke!].”


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