Neil Gaiman tweets love for PH monsters and myths

Neil Gaiman. Photo: Gaiman’s Twitter account.

Pinoy pride, yo!

Bestselling author Neil Gaiman tweeted on Tuesday that he’s a big fan of the country’s monsters and myths.

Gaiman was responding to a follower who asked if he would ever consider writing about Filipino myths and monsters.

To which the writer replied: “I really LOVE the myths and monsters of the Philippines. But you also have many terrific writers there who can do a better job of telling those stories than I am.”

That response would make even the most jaded person blush with delight.

This delighted his Pinoy followers, of course. One using the handle @GunRev wrote: “If ever you do dive into Philippine myths someday, we’ll be more than happy to do some art for you. Our Creative Director Tots Valeza has been doing a series of artworks based on local myths.”

The user then shared some artworks by Valeza.

Gaiman responded to the fan and wrote: “[G]osh. LOVE the manananggal.”

The manananggal is a female vampire-like creature whose upper half of the body detaches itself from the stomach to fly around and seek victims at night.

Another Twitter user said Gaiman wouldn’t be happy to know that some Filipinos still believe that they’re real.

On the other hand, a user suggested a book titled A Thousand Beginnings and Endings for people who want to know more about Asian myths and legends.

Another fan suggested that Gaiman shouldn’t be diffident.

To which Gaiman said that being an “outsider” would make it difficult for him to write about Filipino myths.

Another user sent him a photo of Victor Magtanggol, the television superhero played by Alden Richards — as a joke of course. The show’s producers have been accused of copying Marvel’s Thor character.

On the other hand, a Filipino who introduced herself as an author confessed that she started reading Gaiman’s work because of a man she liked. And while her “love [has] faded” she continues to read Gaiman’s work.

Gaiman has visited the Philippines several times but his last trip to the country was in 2010.

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