Mon Tulfo backs Pacman, tells LGBT: Don’t display your homosexuality like a badge of honor

Looks like somebody missed the point — but at least this time God or the Bible isn’t in the picture…just a major daily.

On his Feb 18 column entry in Philippine Daily Inquirer, tough-talking journalist Ramon “Mon” Tulfo expressed his sympathy and support for boxer and Sarangani Rep Manny Pacquiao, who recenly got a lot of flak for his statement on same-sex marriage, which he is against.

Tulfo wrote: “I was laughing not because I find his comment outrageous or hilarious — it’s not — but because he’s getting flak for speaking his mind. Most full-blooded males and females would find sex between two men and two women repulsive. But they are just too scared to speak their minds.”

Tulfo then addresses the LGBT community, saying, “The public understands you because ours is now a tolerant society. By ‘public,’ I mean the majority of the population, that is straight or heterosexual. But being tolerant doesn’t mean our society encourages same-sex marriage or passionate kissing between two men or two women in the open.”

Tulfo then fired off this sweeping statement: “Please do not display your homosexuality like a badge of honor because it’s not.”

He then clarified, “And lest I be misconstrued as a bigot, I have many gay friends. I respect them as much as they respect me. And we don’t talk about their sexuality.”

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