This Manila-inspired designer bag is worth more than US$1,500

Photo from Christian Louboutin website.

Would you pay US$1,590 (PHP83,405.49) for a designer tote bag? That’s exactly how much this new Manila-inspired purse by famed French fashion designer Christian Louboutin costs.

Released earlier this month, the “Manilacaba,” which also comes in black,  follows the designer’s previous “Treasure Tote,” named “Mexicaba,” which was inspired by — you guessed it — Mexico.

The bag features the Philippines’ iconic king of the road, the jeepney on the front panel and in a colorful collage on its inner lining.

Photo from Christian Louboutin website.

But apart from the design, the materials used also showcase local talent. The bag was actually made in collaboration with the GREAT (Gender Responsive Economic Action for the Transformation of Women) Women project that works with local female artisans from all over the Philippines.

According to local fashion website Preview, Louboutin made use of the Binakol fabric from the Ilocos region, a plaid patadyong pattern made with Hablon textile from Iloilo, and Yakan backstrap loom weaves and T’nalack fabric, which are both from Mindanao.

Louboutin, who visited Manila in November, said in a statement that he has always been interested in the Philippines and its natural resources but that he was even more inspired by the artisans he was able to partner with.

“I have always been captivated by the Philippines’ beauty: the perfect combination of sparkles, mother-of-pearl, and shells. But this project really started to make sense to me when I discovered the richness and the quality of craftsmanship the GREAT Women in ASEAN artisans were able to develop,” he said.

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