‘Keep your arse at home’: Lea Salonga calls out people for using their cellphones during show

Lea Salonga and Jett Pangan in <i>Sweeney Todd. Photo: Atlantis Productions</i>
Lea Salonga and Jett Pangan in Sweeney Todd. Photo: Atlantis Productions

Filipino theatergoers are reminded all too often that using cellphones during a show is a no-no, but many choose to ignore this warning all the same. Lea Salonga? She’s having none of it. And we mean none.

The Broadway megastar, who’s currently starring in the Manila production of the musical Sweeney Todd, took to Facebook yesterday to explain just what she thinks about the people she saw using their phones during the show.

“I hope the earth opens up and swallows you whole, you entitled, moronic c***s,” she ranted.

The Tony Award-winning actress wasn’t finished. In another post that appeared a few hours later, she wrote: “If you can’t stay off your phone for a few hours, do us all a favor and don’t come to the theater. Not only are you a distraction to the actors, but you’re also a nuisance to the other patrons sitting around you that actually want to be there.

“If you’re only going to show off that you can afford it, but don’t actually possess the manners, keep your arse at home. We’ve been trying so hard with the cellphone advisories on social media and in the theater. And even with our own unique take that happens just before the orchestral downbeat. Our ushers are also working hard, telling you twice to put your phone away. TWICE! But you’re just either too dense or entitled to think that it applies to you, it seems,” she added.

Most of those who follow her on social media agreed that theatergoers should put their phones away. Among them, composer Trina Belamide. Belamide wrote that when she watched Sweeney Todd, she would “hear text alerts and notifications. That means they were not in silent mode and they weren’t turned off.”

Photo: Lea Salonga/FB
Photo: Lea Salonga/FB

This is not the first time Salonga has complained about serial phone abusers. Six months ago, she called out such people  for having “zero manners, zero breeding, [and] zero empathy.”

Sweeney Todd tells the story a murderous barber (Jett Pangan) who returns to London after 15 years in exile to avenge his banishment. Salonga plays Mrs. Lovett, a pie shop owner who eggs the barber into killing his enemies to suit her own agenda. The musical, created by Stephen Sondheim, will run at The Theater at Solaire in Parañaque City until Oct. 27.

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