Johnkimverlu who? Twitter in stitches over new ‘Terrace House’ member’s aggressively Pinoy name

Screengrab from Terrace House <I>Photo: LarryofEarth616 / Twitter</I>
Screengrab from Terrace House Photo: LarryofEarth616 / Twitter

Ever seen Terrace House? You know, the Netflix Japanese reality series usually described as a kind of Asian Big Brother?

Well, PH Twitter is all abuzz for it, not for the juicy scandals you might imagine, but because a new cast member just stepped into the house for this season’s 13th episode, and he goes by the name Tupas Johnkimverlu. [Cue chortles.]

For those of you without a full, rich appreciation of Filipino naming conventions, suffice it to say that “Johnkimverlu” could quite possibly be the most aggressively old-school-Pinoy-sounding name to enter the public eye in recent memory. What’s funnier is that unlike his name, Johnkimverlu is relatively young and with-it — and he’s on a popular streaming global series, no less.

Photo: Terrace House Japan Official Website

According to Terrace House Tokyo, Johnkimverlu is a 22-year-old personal assistant. He’s also the first Filipino cast member in the show’s five-series run.

But over on Twitter, it was Johnkimverlu’s name — which is, as we mentioned, is Johnkimverlu — that was all anyone could talk about. Users like @fuguwars couldn’t help but crack wise about it’s perfect embodiment of the (in)famous over-the-top Filipino practice of cramming several names into one.

“Johnkimverlu, son of a Johnkim (son of John & Kimberly) and Verlou (daughter of Vera & Louis). Literally first of his name, whose descendants will be bestowed with progressively stranger names,” she said.

While user @rombutans quipped, “Johnkimverlu. Jhemerlyn is shaking.”

Meanwhile, another user, @qqemonte, actually looked beyond Johnkimverlu’s name to wonder what he might have in store for the show, adding that he was “looking forward to what Filipino sensibilities he can show in the program.”

Well, whatever. Cheers to you, Johnkimverlu!


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