John Oliver talks about ‘Duterte Kiss,’ calls it ‘grotesque’

John Oliver discusses The Kiss. Screenshot from Last Week Tonight With John Oliver.

Filipino pride, anyone?

Yesterday’s episode of HBO’s news satire show Last Week Tonight With John Oliver weighed in on the kiss that shocked the world — none other than President Rodrigo Duterte’s kiss with an overseas Filipino worker (OFW) during an event in Seoul last week.

Oliver, who called Duterte the “Trump of the East” two years ago, introduced his segment on Duterte by saying that the president “already gained notoriety for supporting extra-judicial killings as part of his war on drugs.”

He then continued to say that the president “displayed the same level of nuance when it comes to gender relations.”

Amidst the audience’s groans of revulsion, the screen showed the footage of Duterte kissing married OFW Bea Kim, as recorded by the government-managed broadcasting company PTV.

Oliver, however, said that the clip “did not do justice to just how uncomfortable the build-up to that kiss actually was,” then proceeded to replay it in slow motion, showcasing the obvious discomfort that Kim felt as Duterte aimed for her lips.

After screaming in disgust, Oliver quipped: “That [kiss] was so grotesque, the MTV movie awards retroactively nullified any best kiss winner with a press release saying ‘Given President Duterte’s recent actions, we can no longer condone kissing of any kind. Every kiss is now the worst kiss.'”

He also slammed Salvador Panelo, the chief legal counsel of the president, for calling the kiss “endearing” and describing Kim as “tickled pink” in an interview with local cable channel ANC.

“Please stop saying ‘tickled pink’. I know it’s not technically a dirty phrase, but you’re making it absolutely disgusting. And secondly, fan or not, she repeatedly pulled away from him. Sometimes, women just don’t want to kiss you,” says Oliver.

He continued: “And this is just the tip of the iceberg regarding Duterte’s sexual policies. Back in February, he told a group of Filipino workers, ‘Don’t use condoms, because they don’t feel good,’ which is not great advice to a country facing an HIV epidemic.”

The program also showed a speech delivered by Duterte translated into English where the president said, “Tell the soldiers, the women, call them and tell them, the mayor has a new order not to kill you, just shoot you in the vagina. So, no more vagina. You’re useless.”

Said Oliver: “Let’s be clear about this one. ‘Without a vagina, you’re useless.’ It’s not just a poor link, it’s a searing indictment of anyone who stopped walking around with this ridiculous thing instead [shows an illustration of a penis]. Look at it. Does anyone find this cool? There’s not a single person in this room currently thinking, ‘What a spiffy little gizmo we’re all gazing upon!”

Finally, Oliver zeroed in on Duterte’s description of the kiss, which the president said is “pure showbiz.”

With a photo of Harvey Weinstein, Bill Cosby, and Kevin Spacey in the background, Oliver said: “Pure showbiz? Instinctively you would say that that’s a terrible excuse but given everything that we’ve learned about the entertainment industry, pure showbiz might be the perfect description of what [that kiss is].”

Amen, Oliver.

You can watch the clip below. Enjoy.

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