Here’s what ‘Trese’ would sound like with a professional voice actor as Alexandra Trese

Inka Magnaye does a quick dub of Alexandra Trese (screengrab from TikTok)
Inka Magnaye does a quick dub of Alexandra Trese (screengrab from TikTok)

Even as the Netflix Original Trese gains momentum all over the world—Flixpatrol reports that the show is in the Top 10 in 19 different countries—back on its home turf, viewers are obsessing and nitpicking on the quality of the voice acting and dubbing on the different versions of the animated series.

Everything from the bilingual dialogue to the casting of A-List celebrities has been picked apart online, with the most pitched battles about Liza Soberano’s performance in the Filipino dub.

Professional voice actor Inka Magnaye—who has been very clear that she thought Liza Soberano has done a good job for a newbie—gave a masterclass on social media about the nuances of voice acting. She started by dubbing this intriguing version of Alexandra Trese on TikTok.



@inkamagnaye#duet with @maronnecruz here’s my modest try at doing Trese! I feel like my voice sounds a little too “mature” for the role, but this was fun to do!♬ original sound – Maronne Cruz


“For those talking about the emotion in my Trese dub: Remember that I’ve been doing voice work for over 2 decades, and this was Liza Soberano’s first VA gig. It isn’t easy, especially for your first time! It comes with practice and I’m sure she will just keep getting better,” tweeted Magnaye as a follow-up.

Magnaye also gave a fascinating explanation about the difference between monotony and lack of cadence in voice acting, saying that Soberano’s rookie voice acting might be improved with a bit more variety in cadence:

The voice actor and podcaster rounded off her Trese tweets by reiterating that Soberano was cast perfectly in the role, but: “At the same time, moving forward, I really do wish animated films would give PH VAs a chance.”


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Not every Twitter user took this well, however, and the thread has since erupted in very spicy exchanges over the past 36 hours.

Now imagine what would have happened if Inka Magnaye hadn’t repeatedly said that Liza Soberano was perfect for the role.

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