‘Haters stay hatin!’ Iñigo Pascual hits back at bashers over viral photo with dad Piolo

You can keep on hating, haters — Iñigo Pascual does not care about y’all.

The 18-year-old actor took to social media to slam bashers who criticized his now-controversial photo with father Piolo Pascual.

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The photo, shared by Piolo’s trusted assistant Moi Bien, shows father and son lying down, with Iñigo’s head on Piolo’s chest, arm locked in a half-embrace. It was a sweet moment for the two, as Piolo had been away to attend a course for Christian Apologetics at the Oxford Centre.

But some netizens still wrote malicious interpretations of the picture.



Iñigo is affected by the bashing as he shared his sentiments about the viral photo.

“Haters stay hatin’. Thanks for everything pa! Missed you,” he said in an Instagram post on Thu, Jul 28.

The photo also came with a hashtag that reads: #Dinaminproblemakungmayproblemakayosapicturenato (Di namin problem kung may problema kayo sa picture na to). 

(It’s not our problem if you have a problem with this photo)

Last week, Piolo also reacted to the viral photo.

“Sa tagal ko ba naman sa industriya, papatol pa ba tayo? Ipinagkibit-balikat na lang ‘yun at mas maraming may kuwentang gawin sa buhay kaysa pumatol,” he said.

(In all my years in showbiz, I have learned to ignore things like this. I have better use of my time than deal with stuff like this.)

Bashers, find a better use of your time too, okay?

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