Gumaganda Ang Araw: 7 Ways To Level-up Your Morning Routine


Say no to coffee and have a glass of warm lemon water after you wake up

Your day hasn’t started until the coffee kicks in, right? Wrong! Try switching to a glass of warm kalamansi juice instead. It’ll help you with digestion, give your immune system a boost, clear your skin and it even gives you energy and enhances your mood! I know it’s hard to resist the urge to have that freshly brewed morning coffee, but try this for a couple of weeks, and you’ll feel the change.

Set the mood with good vibes and music

To help set your mood just before your day starts, try putting on your favorite playlist and stream it. Look for an upbeat playlist to give yourself positive energy for the day ahead. Studies show that joyful, lively tunes not only wake you up, but increase happiness levels at the same time. So grab your phone and hit play!

Shower checklist

Some say time is money, and we totally agree. Why waste your time doing one thing when you could be doing more? Take this attitude to your shower time and use your time alone to create a mental checklist of what needs to be done today. You know how great ideas always seem to come to you in the shower? That phenomenon has been studied (seriously), and people found that in the shower your brain tends to switch to “default mode network”, which allows you to connect to your internal thoughts. That’s how Steve Jobs came up with the idea of an iPhone. Ok, we’re kidding about that last bit. (But who knows!)

Breakfast is the key

And by breakfast, we mean some hearty carbs and protein. Black coffee doesn’t count, guys. But it’s early morning and you don’t have time to prep a healthy, insta-worthy breakfast let alone toast a pandesal? Try preparing your breakfast the night before, search for some healthy yet easy recipes, (there’re are so many on Pinterest!) and voilà problem solved. Your mom was right, it is the most important and probably most satisfying, meal of the day.

Take a morning stroll

Try switching from public transport for a short-distance to a morning walk instead. We know how hard it is to find some spare time to go to the gym, so here’s the easiest way to score workout time without sacrificing your morning or evening. It gets your blood circulating and wakes up your muscles too. Take a deep breath of fresh air, notice your surroundings, listen to your favorite music or just be in the moment; it might trigger some creative ideas.

Read, read, read and give your brain a boost

In the morning your mind is like a fresh fruit that just got picked from a tree. Ripe for ideas! As you probably figured, that means creativity peaks in the morning. You also have fewer distractions in the morning, so you can fully concentrate on what you’re reading. With the help of technology, you no longer have to carry all the books you love. (Remember how heavy those hardcovers were?) Now it’s ebooks to the rescue! Read a few pages each morning, until it becomes a habit. Just imagine how many books you could cross out of your list and how much of a smartypants you’ll become.

Start your day without a hassle

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There you have it. Seven easy peasy steps for a brisk morning. Try it and let us know how it goes in the comment section below! Magandang Araw!

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