Fliptop star Sinio might get into legal trouble because of offensive lines in rap battle

Uh-oh, looks like there is legal trouble in Fliptop paradise. 

The mom of sexy model Ann Mateo is threatening to sue Fliptop star Sinio for allegedly using “overly foul” lines in a rap battle against Mateo’s boyfriend, fellow Fliptop star Shehyee. 

If you’re not familiar with Fliptop, it’s a no-holds-barred exchange of tongue-twisting rap lines. It can be about any topic, and the rap stars are scored per round. Things can get really personal and really insulting. It’s definitely not for the pikon. 

In the controversial rap battle, Sinio used lines that target Mateo, mainly insulting her sexy image. For example, he said that Mateo is popular only because she bares too much skin. His other insults were much, much worse. 

Sinio won the rap battle with a 5-0 score, Inquirer reports. 

Unfortunately for Sinio, Mateo’s mom did not take the insults well. The angry mother messaged him on Facebook threatening to sue. 

Shehayee released a statement saying that he did not expect such a reaction from his girlfriend’s mother. He didn’t think that the battle would be brought to court. Interestingly, Shehayee offered to help Sinio explain how Fliptop works to Mateo’s mother. 

As of writing, there is no word if the legal battle will push through. 

Ann Mateo appears to be unaffected by the controversy surrounding her image. On Facebook, she posted a sexy photo with a caption, “I don’t care.”

If you want to hear Sinio’s insults or if you’re interested in seeing how Fliptop works, here’s the link to their battle

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