Filipino actor-singer-songwriter James Reid releases new album ‘Careless Mixtape’, and netizens love it

Photo: James Reid Instagram page

Filipino-Australian actor and singer-songwriter James Reid is making his own mark on Original Pinoy Music (OPM) with his latest album titled Careless Mixtape.

Reid’s independent music label Careless Music Manila (CMM) dropped the album at midnight today on Spotify and iTunes — netizens are loving it.

The heartthrob also made the announcement late last night. He used the hashtag #CarelessMixtapeOutNow which has since trended on Twitter.

The album is filled with R&B hip-hop beats consisting of 15 original tracks made by Reid, his onscreen partner and real-life girlfriend Nadine Lustre, Sofia Romualdez, Massiah, Curtismith, Kingwaw (Bret Jackson), and Astrokidd.

Jackson mentioned in a tweet earlier this week that all the artists on the mixtape composed their own tracks.

“Be as proud as we are that Nadine wrote The song I Like it and in all honesty I believe it’s one of the biggest hits on the whole mixtape,” he writes.

The album features Reid’s pre-released tunes in May and June respectively such as 16B as well as Right There 

The Careless Mixtape includes Reid’s ’16B’ and ‘Right There,’ which he dropped earlier this year.

Netizens thought the album was pretty lit.

“The more I listen to Summer, the more I think it’s so much deeper than just flirting. Huhu parents, why [are] you like this? I love you two so much,” wrote @jd_chrissie, referring to Reid and Lustre as her “parents.”

“Purchased the whole album! Nothing is garbage. Great job team Careless Music Manila!” exclaims @bangsienijebs.

“[S]o careless mixtape is gonna be on repeat, lets hope the weather’s good tomorrow so i can have my windows down & rooftop open while blasting this lmao,” wrote @xjdln.

Here are the “top songs” according to one netizen who goes by the handle @VoIuptuousMaja.

Fans can listen to the whole album here:

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