Actress Alex Gonzaga slammed for ‘arrogant’ and ‘condescending’ social media interactions

Photo: Alex Gonzaga’s Instagram account
Photo: Alex Gonzaga’s Instagram account

Seems like actress and vlogger Alex Gonzaga has been at the receiving end of a lot of netizens’ brickbats lately.

Netizens have been criticizing Gonzaga ever since she posted a disclaimer on the Oct. 10 episode of her vlog.

Here’s what she wrote in a mix of English and Filipino: “Warning: Watch at your own risk. This vlog is for entertainment purpose only. Not political, not religious, not thing (sic). If you’re sensitive, just watch the next video.”

Photo: Alex Gonzaga's YouTube account
Photo: Screenshot from Alex Gonzaga’s YouTube account

Before Gonzaga came up with this disclaimer, a netizen got riled up when she made a joke in one of her vlogs which he thought was insulting to drug addicts.

In the video, she joked to a group of people around her: “Let’s pee, let’s have a drug test.” Gonzaga ended up apologizing for that joke.

But the appearance of the disclaimer on her vlog made some people feel that she wasn’t sincere in her apology.

One of them was @BryleLeano who wrote in a mix of English and Filipino: “Okay, officially, Alex Gonzaga is cancelledt (sic). So, she’s not sincere in her apologies and other replies? My God, so arrogant. She’s being taught to be sensitive because there are so many people concerned with her content then this is what she’ll answer.”

This gave @nonononoelle the opportunity to bring up another issue: Gonzaga is endorsing Jufran, a product manufactured by Nutri-Asia. A few months ago, the company was accused of violently dispersing groups of workers who went on strike. She was also criticized by other netizens for endorsing that product.

Wrote @nonononoelle: “Yikes, and she’s also an endorser of Jufran. What’s up girl.”

@ScreenReblogs had a lengthy explanation why Gonzaga shouldn’t have come up with the disclaimer. He said that as a vlogger and actress, she should set an example.

However, not everyone thinks Gonzaga deserves the criticism. Wrote @bahalakayo101: “This is so shallow. Will you just criticize everything that you don’t like? For what? For fame? Did she attack you personally for you to be so affected? You’re so sensitive. This is crazy.”

User @imangelikajarin agrees with her. She wrote: “You (critics) are so toxic, really.”

@vander_plank doesn’t understand how the disclaimer made Gonzaga arrogant.

Like other local actresses, Gonzaga has been actively vlogging on YouTube, where she found a certain level of success. Her relatively new channel now has 1.7 million subscribers and on Twitter, she has 1.17 million followers.

It remains to be seen if she’ll apologize to fans for this issue, but one thing’s for sure: All the hubbub has just been making her blog even more popular.

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